Véronique Letort


Research subject

  • Biomathematics
  • Functional-structural models of tree growth ; multi-scale analysis and parameter estimation using simplified (aggregated, sparse) targets of experimental data


  • PhD in Applied Mathematics for Structural-Functional Plant Growth Models from Ecole Centrale Paris (2008)
  • MSc in Applied Mathematics from the University of Paris IX Dauphine (2004)
  • Engineer of Ecole Centrale Paris in Applied Mathematics (2004)

Professional Experiences

  • 2008-present Assistant Professor, Departement of Applied Mathematics, Ecole Centrale Paris

 Scientific and technical contributions

  • Co-developped C++ software of generic plant growth, Digiplante
  • Participated to implement fitting procedures for the stochastic models in GreenSciLab


  • Models in life sciences and mathematical tools for modeling ; biomathematics ; basics in C++, R, Scilab, python

Scientific and Technical associations


  • Frontis workshop on FSPM in crop production (2006)
  • Biological Research (2009), Annals of Botany (2010)
  • Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory (SIMPAT, 2010)
  • Trees – Structure and Function (2011)
  • Computers and Electronics in Agriculture (COMPAG, 2012)

Supervised Thesis

  • Supervising Margarita Pons Salort (since 2009) on
    Modelling the public health impact of HPV vaccine
    (Thesis Director Didier Guillemot), Pasteur Institute/Université Pierre et Marie Curie-(UPMC)
  • Supervising Blandine Romain (since 2010) on
    Evaluating tumor response to antiangiogenic treatment using dynamic contrast-enhanced perfusion CT and pharmacokinetics models
    (Thesis Director Florence d’Alché-Buc), Philips Healthcare/Ecole Centrale Paris
  • Supervising Yuting Chen (since 2010) on
    Identification of the individual centered plant growth models at forest stand
    (Thesis Director Paul-Henry Cournède)
  • Supervising Fenni Kang (since 2009) on
    Characterization of genotypes based on modeling technique
    (Thesis Director Paul-Henry Cournède)


  • Mathemathics
    • Analysis,
      L3 Students, Ecole Centrale Paris (ECP).
    • Statistics,
      L3 Students, Ecole Centrale Paris (ECP).
    • Mathematical modelling for biology,
      Master 1 Students, Ecole Centrale Paris (ECP).
    • Student projects in Biotechnology-Health,
      L3 Students, Ecole Centrale Paris (ECP).

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