PyGMAlion (Plant Growth Modeling Analysis and Identification) is a C++ framework which embeds some routines for modeling, simulation, parameter estimation, and analysing the sensibility of discrete dynamic system.

c++, template, boost, armadillo, blas, lapack, modelling, simulation, model selection, parameter estimation, sensitivity analysis, uncertainty analysis, gle.


dgpSDK is a set of libraries and applications around the GreenLab model. It allows the growth of a large scene with interactions between plants and renders it in 3D realtime to screen.

c++, xml, xerces-c, openscenegraph, qt, boost, xalan, exx, realtime, 3d, screenshot, movie, large scene, billboard.


ExxEditor is a XML editor based on XML Schema. ExxEditor generates a human comprehensible user interface for editing XML file, by using a XML Schema file.

c++, xerces, xalan, xml, xsl.

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