Séminaire Digiplante — 11/01/2016


Katarina Streit


Light modeling for FSPMs in GroIMP at the example of LIGNUM and Scots pine

Date: January 11th, 2016

Time: 03:00 PM

Place: Showroom

Abstract: Light modelling is an important part of functional-structural plant models (FSPMs). It allows us to calculate the amount of radiation which is absorbed by an object (e.g., leaf, tree segment) and which is then used to compute carbon production by a photosynthesis model. In this presentation, built-in raytracer-based light models of the modelling software GroIMP will be presented, as well as a raycasting-based light model of the Lignum FSPM (also available in GroIMP). The models will be compared in terms of input, output, and computation time. Using the example of Scots pine tree modelled by Lignum, we also studied the effect of plant geometry (needle angle, length, and shape) on the light absorption. The results of the simulations will be shown, first for a single pine shoot, then for a whole tree (static and dynamic).

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