Séminaire Digiplante — 05/10/2015

Speaker: Benoit Bayol


PyGMAlion: how to work with?

Date: October 5th, 2015

Time: 03:00 PM

Place: Showroom

Abstract: In order to deliver valid models in the plant growth modeling area, DIGIPLANTE developed a tool named PyGMAlion. PyGMAlion is a software library and a set of programs that helps modelers to analyze their model and confront it with experimental data. You can design your model, simulate, calibrate or carry uncertainty or sensitivity analysis. In this talk we will see basic concepts, architecture and vocabulary in order to :

– create a model
– sample data from it
– simulate it
– refine it with parameter estimation, uncertainty analysis, sensitivity analysis
– plot results
– launch computation on the cluster.

It will be theorical and practical, so please take your laptop with the possibility to log on the cluster of Centrale (igloo.calcul.ecp.fr)

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