Séminaire Digiplante — 01/02/2016


Véronique Le Chevalier


Analysis and modeling of young Coffea tree growth

Date: February 01st, 2016

Time: 03:00 PM

Place: Showroom

Abstract: In modelling plant biomass production, the use of the relatively simple formalism of Beer-Lambert’s equation that only requires the total blade area has some interesting implications. In particular, in the framework of the GreenLab model, it can be shown that under specific assumptions, the model predicts that topological development has no influence on biomass production and partitioning. This was experimentally verified on young Coffea trees for nine species, that were grown in pots and submitted to a pruning treatment. I will also present some results of on-going work on these data, including an attempt of estimating phylogenetic signals from phenotypic traits and from estimated model parameters.

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