Video 1 – Sugar Beet Growth. (Collaboration with ITB.)



Figure 1 – Simultaneous estimation of the leaf mass profiles for 30 individual rapeseed plants.
Work of Charlotte Baey, Collaboration with Amélie Mathieu et Alexandra Jullien (AgroParisTech, UMR ECOSYS), cf. [Baey et al. 2016]


Figure 2 a and b – Comparison of direct prediction via uncertainty analysis and data assimilation with the convolution particle filter: Yield prediction for sugar beet with the LNAS model (Fig. a) and for wheat with the STICS model (Fig. b). Work of Yuting Chen, cf. [Chen and Cournède, 2014]



Figure 3 – Calibration of the GreenLab model and visualization with the Digiplant Software, cf. [Cournède et al., 2011]


Video 2 – Sunflower functional field.

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